Fundraising Campaigns

YMCA Malta has been in operation since 1976. Every day it cares for the practical and spiritual well-being of the most vulnerable in our community. 

  • 940 psychotherapy and counselling sessions were provided in the past two years, completely free of charge. 
  • 903 individuals have been supported thus far through our Loneliness Support Line. 
  • Every single day unconditional care and support is offered to individuals and families currently experiencing or at risk of falling into poverty.
  • Homelessness and rooflessness in Malta is undeniably on the rise with 617 new cases referred to us last year alone.
  • At our residence Dar Niki Cassar, we offer shelter and individually-tailored care programmes to 34 residents including families with children and young people.
  • At the Y Communal Home at any given moment, we offer shelter and semi-independent living to 14 families.
  • YMCA Malta will be opening another Communal Home to further offer shelter and semi- independent living to individuals who are over 60 years of age and/or living with special needs.
  • Every year over 600 young people are provided with individualised support, activities, and new learning and growth opportunities.

YMCA Malta runs four main departments that are interrelated yet tasked with different responsibilities:

Outreach Department

The Outreach Department brings a standard of care directly to those in our community who need assistance, as well as providing educational and awareness activities about social issues. 

Prevention Department

The Prevention Department offers psychotherapeutic and counselling services to vulnerable people in our community who would otherwise be left by the wayside. 

Residential Department

The Residential Department offers shelter and rehabilitation programmes for those experiencing home/rooflessness including individuals and families with young children.

Community & Aftercare Department

The Community & Aftercare Department ensures the longevity of treatment for our clients after they have left our immediate care.

The expenses YMCA Malta incurs for providing its services is increasing every year. In 2020 it stood at €228,560. It is only through generous donations that we are able to keep doing our work. Please consider supporting one of our campaigns or making a donation of any kind using the details below.

12 Appeal Campaign
Logo of 12 Appeal Campaign

For most of us, €1 a month does not make a large impact on our lives. Yet such an amount over the course of a year can entirely recalibrate the life of a young person. The 12 Appeal Campaign was launched with this sentiment in mind.

12 Appeal is an ongoing campaign that invites companies and their staff members to donate €1 per month from their wages. Every cent collected by this campaign goes directly to supporting our Youth Empowerment Programme. 

Your contribution will fund activities, workshops, creative projects and special events designed to equip young people with new skills and empower them to create a better world of their own.

365 Campaign
YMCA 365 Campaign logo

365 is an ongoing fundraising campaign whereby donors are asked to donate €365 annually – equating to €1 a day.

In 2020, donations garnered from the 365 Campaign lessened our financial burden by an outstanding €66,238! Over 50 donations were received from individuals, companies, and money pooled by groups of friends. 

  Doris Cusens Fund
Logo of Doris Cusens Fund

The Doris Cusens Fund (DCF) builds on the work which Mrs Doris Cusens began in Malta in the 1970s. Doris supported vulnerable people in the community by providing financial endowments, employment and psychological services, and by offering specialised assistance to those who sought her help.

Doris is known locally as a ‘Woman of Many Firsts’. Her life motto was: “Nothing is impossible, just dream it, plan it, believe in it and go for it.” She was part of the first ever female Maltese football team, at a time when it was still considered very taboo for females to participate in this sport.

Doris was also the first woman to introduce female fitness classes to Malta. The aim of these classes was not to promote weight loss, but to empower women to show society that they do not have to be stay-at-home housewives, if they do not want to. She fostered the idea that women can be independent, active citizens and take care of themselves as much as they take care of their households and families.

Throughout her philanthropic career, Doris supported numerous NGOs through fundraising initiatives including the YMCA, Dar Merhba Bik and the YWCA. Her invaluable work was recognised numerous times and in 2004 she was awarded the Baileys Woman of the Year Award. In 2008 followed the ‘Medalja ghall- Qadi tar-Repubblika’ (Medal for Service to the Republic) for her work in the sports and fitness sector. 

Through the Doris Cusens Fund, YMCA Malta aims to carry on Doris’ benevolence for the next generation. The fund aims to support individuals and families living in Malta who are referred to us by fellow NGOs and Government Agencies for financial assistance, especially regarding essential needs like school supplies, household appliances, clothing, etc. 

How can you support this fund?

Donate via Bank Transfer

YMCA Valletta
Bank of Valletta
Account No: MT24VALL 2201 3000 0000 4002 1938 069
Please include your full name and contact number. 

Donate VIA SMS

Donate €4.66 – Send a blank message to 50618088 

Donate €11.65 – Send a blank message to 50619212 

Sponsor a BED

‘Sponsor a BED’ covers the daily, weekly or monthly costs we incur for providing a bed and board to someone in need of shelter at our Dar Niki Cassar or Y Communal House.

Sponsor a BED for 1 day – €15 

Sponsor a BED for 1 week – €105

Sponsor a BED for 1 month – €365

YMCA Valletta

Revolut Bank


IBAN: GB79 REVO 0099 7088 026542

Please include your full name and contact number. 

Donate via BOV Pay