Aftercare provides ongoing support to those who are transitioning back into the broader community after experiencing hardship. These services utilise our network of healthcare, employment and learning professionals, giving individuals and families getting back on their feet the best possible chance of sustainable reintegration into independent living. We want all our clients to profit from their hard work, long after they have accessed our services.

The mission of this support group is to provide people who may have experienced home/rooflessness or other hardships with an additional supportive network. 

Y’PAUSE nurtures a therapeutic environment where participants may share their experiences and mutually heal, grow and hold one another accountable. 

All the residents in our shelters follow an individualised care programme and are referred to Y’PAUSE upon initiating their reintegration back into independent living.

 Y’PAUSE is an acronym for: 

Practice Confidentiality 

Active Living 

Utilise your talents

Sensible towards others 

Explore yourself

Groups are usually held on Tuesdays between 6.00pm and 8.00pm. Social Workers are very welcome to refer individuals who may benefit from this support group. Please contact us here

This is an image of a Y'PAUSE Group Meeting. It shows people holding each other's hands in a circle.
This is an image of a Y'PAUSE Group Meeting. It shows people holding each other in a circle, captured fro above.