YMCA Malta addresses the needs of a variety of clients. These include:

  • Troubled families
  • Victims of domestic violence 
  • Homeless and roofless individuals
  • Those living in substandard accommodation
  • Those suffering from addictions: drug, gambling, etc.
  • Those experiencing financial hardship/exploitation
  • Victims of child abuse
  • The unemployed
  • Those who lack a formal education
  • Those experiencing legal problems
  • Immigrants and asylum seekers
  • Those experiencing poverty

We are composed of a core staff who come from many different walks of life and profession. Specialties include psychotherapy, social work, youth work, psychology and counselling. This dynamism has proven invaluable in caring for our clients in a multi-faceted, holistic manner. 

The interventions we utilise depend on a variety of factors, including the specific needs of the individual, their context and particular situation.