Seeking to promote the vision to build a more just society

We have been in operation since 1976. Every day we care for the physical and spiritual well-being of the most vulnerable in our community.

We run five main services that directly provide for the wellbeing of others. They are interrelated yet tasked with different responsibilities:


Outreach brings our care directly to those in the community in need of assistance, providing them with practical necessities of life such as food, clothing and educational materials, as well as helping them access employment services. We also provide educational activities and fun events, aimed to lighten the load of modern life. Outreach is also responsible for raising awareness about social issues as a preventative measure, both nationally and at the EU level.


Prevention offers psychotherapeutic, counselling and educational services to vulnerable people in the community, including youth experiencing mental health issues and couples and families, where an escalation of conflict could result in homeless/rooflessness. Our prevention work aims to involve people and foster a sense of belonging to a broader community. Sometimes just the feeling of being supported is all that an individual may need to keep their head above water.


Residential offers emergency shelter and rehabilitation trajectories for those experiencing homeless/rooflessness, without prejudice: young and older individuals as well as families with minors may stay with us. We currently host three residences offering a total of 52 beds, with another specialty facility for an additional 10 people aged 60+ in the works.


Community provides professional counselling and basic living services to those experiencing homelessness, as well as those who may just be in need of extra spiritual or material support. Our drop-in centre offers self-service laundry, bathing and cooking facilities, as well as access to lockers, internet and clothing/linen donations. We also offer generic social and youth work services, besides regular activities and workshops for general wellbeing.


Aftercare provides ongoing support to those who are transitioning back into the broader community after experiencing hardship. These services utilise our network of healthcare, employment and learning professionals, giving individuals and families getting back on their feet the best possible chance of sustainable reintegration into independent living. We want all our clients to profit from their hard work, long after they have accessed our services.

In addition to our work directly in service to those in need, YMCA Malta is a research-based organisation that forms its programmes on the basis of its own scientific study. Given the length of time we have been around, and due to our meticulous statistical data, we are able to offer insight into homeless/roofless trends on our islands. We periodically publish these findings, laying the groundwork for our future endeavours, as well as that of fellow NGOs and government officials. 

Trends & Findings

  • Every month in 2023, we received an average of 43 new cases of homeless and roofless people requiring emergency shelter; an increase of 12 cases per month over 2022.
  • In the first month of 2024 alone, we received 6 new homeless/roofless referrals.
  • In 2023, 48% of those requiring shelter were Maltese; an 11% increase over 2022. 
  • In 2023 the average age of minors living in our shelters was 5.
  • In 2023 we received 36 cases of homeless/roofless individuals aged 60+.
  • Rent prices, low salaries resulting in financial hardship, relationship issues, and domestic violence remain the top reasons why Maltese people experience homeless/rooflessness.
  • Young people between 18 and 35 were the population most often asking for mental health support; mostly due to anxiety, depression, and family issues.

Our Response

  • We reach over 350 young people each year, both in house at our youth centres and externally, providing them with youth work, prevention measures and self-empowering activities and workshops.
  • We service over 900 people per month who are living in poverty at our drop-in centre, some of whom are homeless/roofless. Every day we provide self-service laundry, bathing and cooking facilities, as well as access to lockers, internet, clothing/linen donations and a vital link to professional counselling and employment services.
  • We provide over 920 counselling sessions every year at our family centre, completely free of charge. These counselling and psychotherapy services provide mental and spiritual support to individuals and families who cannot afford or access private services.
  • We provide at total of 52 beds every night to individuals, families and minors experiencing homeless/rooflessness. We rehabilitate them and get them back on their feet.
  • We reach out to homeless/roofless people directly on the streets, providing them with bedding, food and information about where to seek services. We give them hope and compassion.
  • We are refurbishing a home that will provide 10 beds daily for those 60+ and those living with mobility issues. 

As with everything else in life, the work we do in service for the Maltese community costs money. Whether it is the material supplies needed to run our centres, the utilities needed to power our shelters, the staff we keep who need to pay their own bills, or our excursions enjoyed by disadvantaged youths  – running the YMCA Malta comes at an ever-growing financial burden. Alongside the annual subsidy we receive from the Maltese Government, we rely on the generosity of individuals – both public and private – to keep us going. 

Please consider making a donation using the options below, or by supporting one of our ongoing fundraising campaigns. Whether you are a corporate actor or an individual from the public, your contribution will go directly towards benefiting those most in need in our society. 

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‘Sponsor a BED’ covers the daily, weekly or monthly costs we incur for providing a bed and board to someone in need of shelter at our Dar Niki Cassar or Y Communal House.

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