YMCA Malta offers internships to local and international secondary, undergraduate and postgraduate students. We form collaborative relationships with tertiary education institutions and offer interns stimulating, challenging and enriching real-world roles. They are supported by accomplished professionals and mentors every step of the way. We offer placements in the following areas of study:

  • Human Resources
  • Social Work
  • Youth Work
  • Psychology
  • Community Development
  • Family Studies
  • Teaching – Primary & Secondary
  • Business & Administration
  • Media & Marketing
  • Communications

Interns must cover a certain number of working hours with us in accordance with their school requirements; this number varies but is normally between 20-32 hours p/w. When possible, planned days off should be applied for in advance. An agreement laying out the duties and responsibilities of the intern will also be signed before commencing work with us.

Click below to see the roles we offer at any given time, divided into the respective Centre or Service they support:

Every selected individual is provided with one-on-one mentorship as well as regular group meetings and ‘check in’ sessions throughout their time with us. In 2023 a total of 31 interns were offered a placement, contributing a total of 11,564 hours of work across our six service areas.

Key Outcomes

  • Enhanced Skill Set: Participants are equipped with field experience and emotional insight that will enrich their professional careers.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Participants foster cultural understanding and sensitivity through collaboration with people from around the world. 
  • Community Impact: Participants improve the lives of those less fortunate in our community.
  • Global Networking: Participants are offered a network of like-minded individuals and organisations striving for a better world.
  • Personal Development: Participants become more compassionate, resourceful, seasoned and resilient as individuals.


Y’CARE stands for Young Community & Residential Engagement, a volunteering initiative launched in 2020 and financially supported by European Solidarity Corps. This vital funding ensured that YMCA Malta could offer assistance to the welfare and wellbeing, equality and non-discrimination of individuals experiencing homelessness. A roster of local volunteers formed part of a larger team consisting of Maltese and international student interns. Professional social workers and psychologists guided them all in their work. Y’CARE volunteers contributed to our residential programme and outreach service, Y’Visible. They provided direct and swift care for those experiencing homelessness and rooflessness on our islands.