Outreach brings our care directly to those in the community in need of assistance, providing them with practical necessities of life such as food, clothing and educational materials, as well as helping them access employment services. We also provide educational activities and fun events, aimed to lighten the load of modern life. Outreach is also responsible for raising awareness about social issues as a preventative measure, both nationally and at the EU level. 

Together we are making homelessness and rooflessness in Malta visible

Logo of Y Visible Programme - Battling Rootlessness

Homelessness and rooflessness in Malta is very often hidden from view. Unfortunately as a result, many believe it doesn’t exist – a total fallacy. Many cases of home/rooflessness in Malta entail what we call Hidden Homelessness: individuals and families hidden from public view who are living in shelters or moving from one friend or family member’s house to the next. 

Everyday at Dar Niki Cassar, we work with individuals and families afflicted by home/rooflessness and all of the troubles and stress that come with this condition. Utilising a holistic care programme that embodies the YMCA ethos of mind, body, spirit, we strive to help them back towards independent living. 

We are however limited by the total number of beds we have available at any given time. To mediate this limitation, a new outreach project called Y’ Visible was created in 2019. This project takes the care we offer at our residences directly to the streets. We create awareness and make these invisible people visible. Between 2020 and 2022, 107 individuals who were sleeping rough were supported by this service.

Most importantly, we show them that someone cares, that someone is listening and that they are not alone

Every week when night falls, our team trawls the streets of Malta looking for people sleeping on the street. We supply them with food, drinks and warm blankets and provide them with vital information as to where they can find free internet access, showers and addiction and other therapeutic services. Most importantly, we show them that someone cares, that someone is listening and that they are not alone.

The general public can assist either by volunteering as part of the team and/or by reporting sightings of roofless people. Please contact us here

Together we are making homelessness and rooflessness in Malta VISIBLE.

The Platform Against Homelessness was established in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Chaired by YMCA Malta, fellow NGOs meet periodically in council to partake in round-table discussions with one objective in mind: the eradication of homelessness and rooflessness in Malta.

In 2021 the Platform issued the ‘Proposals for the Wellbeing of Service-Users experiencing Homelessness and the Removal of Service Barriers’.

In 2023 the research paper ‘Homeinclusration‘ and its associated white paper were issued during a major press conference. The research is a first of its kind in Malta and relates specifically to the tripartite issues of homelessness, migration & inclusion.

YMCA Malta brings a variety of wellbeing workshops straight to the community. Our professionals deliver these directly in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions, as well as community homes and gathering places around the country. The goal is simple: empower people through knowledge and help them foster a stronger sense of self. 

Current workshops on offer by our team are:

Navigating Boundaries

This workshop invites participants to explore the profound impact that boundaries can have on our general wellbeing and personal and professional relationships. Through interactive discussions, introspective exercises and the development of practical tools, participants gain a deeper understanding of what boundaries are, why they are important, and how to establish and maintain healthy boundaries in various aspects of life.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

This workshop has been designed to create a safe and supportive space for individuals to deepen their understanding of mental health and wellbeing. Its primary goals are to destigmatise mental illness and bust common misconceptions, as well as gain a deeper understanding of its various forms. Participants also have the opportunity to learn about stress management and how to foster a more serene way of life.

Understanding and Managing Stress

This workshop delves into the often complex causes of stress and offers participants a comprehensive understanding of the impact it can have on our physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Participants will learn to recognise the signs and symptoms of stress, gaining greater self-awareness of their individual stress triggers, and learning to manage them in healthier ways.

Understanding Anxiety

This workshop invites participants to compassionately explore anxiety, shedding light on its origins and the impact it has on our lives. This workshop demystifies anxiety, offering insight into its underlying causes and the ways it can manifest emotionally, cognitively and physically. Participants will learn to recognise common symptoms, gain greater self-awareness of their own triggers and behavioural responses, as well as learn more sustainable ways of managing anxiety when it arises.


This workshop delves into the roots of depression, providing participants with insight, support, and practical coping strategies. Depression is destigmatised in a safe and supportive environment, enabling participants to honestly share their experiences as they find an open ear for their struggles. The diverse factors that contribute to depression are explored, encompassing biological, psychological and environmental factors. The main objective is to help participants comprehend the multifaceted nature of this condition, empowering them with the expertise to navigate their healing journey. 

Embracing Emotions: The Power of Emotional Awareness

This workshop aims to be a transformative experience of self-discovery through engagement in innovative activities and reflective exercises. Cultivating mindfulness allows participants to gain clarity about their thoughts, emotions, and values, fostering a deeper sense of their own authentic self. Participants learn to observe their thoughts without judgment, laying a foundation for blissful present-moment awareness.

Coping with Change

This workshop offers participants the opportunity to gain insight into the nature of change, exploring effective methods for not only coping with it, but also thriving in its midst! Through supportive discussions and hands-on exercises with practical technique at heart, participants acquire the skills needed to navigate life’s seasons with greater resilience and adaptability.

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Detached Youth Work outreaches to young people in environments they frequent such as their school and places of extracurricular activities. We provide them with information about the services YMCA Malta offers that benefit their physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

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YMCA Malta has gained a unique understanding in fostering genuine wellbeing through years of active participation in civil society. This knowledge informs the content and form of our Prevention Programme. We regularly organise formal, non-formal and educational activities, workshops and talks in schools and youth centres. 

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