Residential Facilities

We base this work on the premise that each and every person deserves to be loved and feel worthy

The YMCA Homeless Project has been in operation for several years and one of its core programmes is to provide specialised accommodation at its shelters. 

YMCA Malta currently offers three active residences providing shelter, care programmes and (re)integration to individuals and families experiencing homelessness or rooflessness. We are also currently refurbishing ‘Dar Simon Soler’: semi-independent communal living for the elderly and those living with a disability. It will eventually host an additional 10 individuals.

Dar Niki Cassar (DNC)

At the DNC, individuals, families and children experiencing home/rooflessness receive shelter and critical support. This location supports a maximum of 34 residents without discrimination to age, nationality, gender or any other form of identification. Here, they can stay with us for up to 18 months. 

Residents are supported with psychosocial services as part of a care programme entitled the Residential Course in Independent Living. They work hand-in-hand with a designated residential support officer, striving towards weekly goals on their way to achieving fully independent living. A team of full and part-time staff, alongside a rotating volunteer roster, provides DNC with 24/7 care and support. 

Y Communal Home (YCH) – Program Kisbet Serħan

This communal 12-month, second-stage shelter caters for a maximum of 16 individuals, with a particular focus on families and children experiencing home/rooflessness. For the most part, residents at YCH live independently, each with their own rooms and shared common areas.

YMCA Studio Flat

The Y Studio Flat (YSF) began operating in 2022 by providing assistance to a Ukrainian family fleeing the war. This two-bedroom apartment provides temporary, fully independent, third-phase living for families experiencing home/rooflessness, who are already used to living independently.

The family remains supported by our multidisciplinary team in order to move back into society within a shorter time frame.

Minors Shelter ‘New Dawn’ – 2009-2011

YMCA Malta operated a shelter for unaccompanied minors called ‘New Dawn’ from 2009-2011. With the need to provide beds for chronically unaccompanied minors increasing, and despite some already being hosted at Dar Niki Cassar, a specific care programme and shelter prompted the creation of this shelter. 

The shelter hosted approximately 50 young people. An average of 9,125 bed nights were given throughout the term that this shelter was in operation.

Our philosophy regarding homeless/rooflessness achieves the expected standard of care and compassion but has been further adapted to the local Maltese context. It focuses on attending to the body, mind and spirit of every afflicted individual. 

YMCA not only provides shelter but nourishes the soul, working with clients to instil a sense of hope for the future

We believe that one must work to foster an environment of trust and to provide each person with the opportunity to attain full autonomy. We base this work on the premise that each and every person deserves to be loved and feel worthy. 

Practically speaking, client’s basic needs are first met in order for them to then move towards their higher order needs. YMCA not only provides shelter but nourishes the soul, working with clients to instil a sense of hope for the future.

We do this by focusing on the present, not on the past. Clients are offered insight in order to assess their current situation and to decide for themselves how to move forward. In this way, our clients begin to realise that they do have control over their own lives and are not victims of the past. They are the active scriptwriters and actors in the development of their own lives.

The YMCA Homelessness Project also works towards:

  • Collaborating with local and foreign agencies and stakeholders, such as FEANTSA in order to fight against homelessness and rooflessness.
  • Funding opportunities and possibilities which allow home/roofless individuals to benefit from psychosocial educational projects.
  • Informing professionals in the social work field about cheaper housing alternatives and job vacancies that could benefit our clients.
  • Fighting against poverty in the community with volunteers supporting field cases who are referred to us.
  • Fighting against hunger by donating food to individuals and families in need through our YMCA Food Schemes Programme.
  • Fighting against a lack of education by creating educational opportunities for young people experiencing homeless/rooflessness.
  • Fighting for a dignified living standard through furniture and clothing donation support.
  • Informing and educating the public through our YMCA Homeless Campaigns and ongoing statistical analysis and research projects. 

If you or someone you know is in need of shelter or requires more information, please do not hesitate to contact us here