Meet our Dedicated Team Leaders at our

Local YMCA’s

Anthony Camilleri – Chief Executive Officer, National General Secretary 
Therese Cini Sarreo – Operations and Administration Manager 
Louise Pace – Head Office Receptionist 
Charlot Grima – Handyman 
Patrick Scicluna – Handyman 
Chanelle Pace – Housekeeper 
Dorothy Scicluna – Head of the Social Entrepreneurship Department 
Julian Holland – Events and Fundraising Officer
Kirstin Holland – Events and Fundraising Officer 
Liliana Masetti – Charity Shop Coordinator 
Angelle Siba – Salesperson 
Jamie Buhagiar – Salesperson 
Christian Okyere Inkum – Head of Home
Marthese Cooper – Overnight Residential Officer
Vincent Abela – Overnight Residential Officer
Dulcima Aquilina – Residential Care Worker 
Kristian Fenech – Residential Support Officer
Sonique Vassallo – Residential Care Worker 
Sheryl Corrigan – Residential Support Worker 
Hasan Huseyin Karabulut – Residential Care Worker 
Natasha Farrugia – Residential Assistant 
Gwennaelle Viard – Head of the Creativity Department 
Zsolt Bernath – Students and Interns Coordinator 
Craig Stott – Media Officer
Julia Chetcuti – Head of the Sustainability and Research Department 
Cedric Farrugia – Project Writer 
Stefannia Gafa’ – Head of the Outreach Department 
Martha Quottromani – Head of the Community and Aftercare Department 
Aimee Hughes – Youth Worker in Residential and Aftercare 
Sondos Al-Quraan – Social Worker
Paul Gauci Borda – Housing Supportive Officer
Nicola Falzon – Head of the Prevention Department 
Anita Portelli – Psychotherapist and Counsellor 
Mario Saliba – Youth Worker in Outreach and Prevention 
Mark Psaila – Youth Work Officer
Nabrouska Cassar – Psychologist and Psychotherapist 
Erica Bondin – Counsellor