The 2000s


…with the 5th edition of the Valletta Festival. The 2001 edition comprised a series of specialised events including film, music, sports and theatre festivals. These festivals fundraised for the social service programmes and residential facilities ran by the YMCA and promoted young talent and local and international music.

Our film festival hosted the public outdoors at nights on the streets of Valletta. Comfortably sitting on sofas, people were invited to relax under the stars and be enchanted by the magic of the film projector.

Our theatre festival presented plays such as Allat u Pupazzi, A Cell Among Others, L-Istatwa, In-Nisa Ta’ Trojja (The Trojan Women), and The Serpent. Each play ran for three days at St James Cavalier or the Labyrinth and were followed with music by local bands.

An excerpt from the In-Nisa Ta’ Troiia press-release:

Written by Euripedes
Translated to Maltese by John Suda
Directed by Marcelle Teuma
Euripedes (485-406 BC) is considered to be the most socially critical of all the ancient Greek tragedians. The Trojan Women (415 BC) has long been considered an innovative artistic portrayal of the Trojan War and a penetrating depiction of the barbaric behaviour of Euripedes’ own countrymen, the Athenians, towards the women and children of the people they subjugated in war.