We Can Be…


The Hero sets out on an adventure; faces temptation and adversity; falls into the abyss but is aided by spiritual guides; they overcome, atone and return home, transformed into…a Hero.

However, not all heroes come home, although they remain alive and very much with us. Niki Cassar (29) was on a volunteering pilgrimage in Bali, Indonesia for the Association Cultural Sayary, the organ through which he first came in contact with YMCA Valletta. He was tasked with facilitating trade between locals the global market in order to lift their standard of living. Niki was an adventurer and a free spirit. He died there in a motorcycle accident in 2003.

The dream of Niki Cassar is dreamed anew each day at our residential facility for homeless people, named in honour of him – Dar Niki Cassar’.

Heroes lift our spirits in many ways. Whether through their virtuous humanitarianism or their ability to get us up on our feet dancing.

In 2003, legend of the stage Elton John came to Malta as part of his European Tour and dedicated his concert to the efforts of the YMCA Valletta. A crowd of 12,000 attended and Sir Elton seduced with many of his classic hits.