YMCA Charity &

Vintage Shop

Opened in February 2020, our charity shop in Ħaż-Żabbar seeks to promote practices for a more financially and environmentally sustainable lifestyle. Offering a broad range of quality items at a low price, this is a trove for treasure and bargain hunters!

On offer is a selection of clothing and accessories, household items, toys and games, books and much more – from vintage to never-been-used. 

All proceeds from the shop go towards funding our community services.

For more information, contact us here

YMCA Charity & Vintage Shop: 2 Triq iz-Zabra, Ħaż-Żabbar

Whether you are cleaning out your closets for a change of season; just trying to find a new use for clothes and shoes you haven’t worn in years; or fortified in by unwanted books and kids toys that you feel too bad throwing away – there’s simply no better option than donating to our Charity Shop.

We are always looking for the following items:

Hats, mittens, scarves, ties, socks, purses, wallets, backpacks, bags.

Male, Female, Baby, Infant, Child.

Toasters, radios, irons, hair dryers, coffee makers, power tools, blenders, mixers, stereos, speakers, table & floor lamps.

Toys, games, puzzles, stuffed animals, car seats, pushchairs, baby cribs, bathing products.

Pots, pans, utensils, china cups, vases, dishes, cutlery, glassware, silverware, stemware.

Cookers, stoves, fridges, freezer, washing machines, heaters, AC, microwave ovens.

Vintage chairs, tables, desks, dressers, hutch, armoire, bookcase, cabinets, entertainment centres.

Bed/bath/kitchen towels, sheets, blankets, pillows, quilts, curtains, tablecloths.

All genres and types, in good condition and up-to-date (except for books in languages other than English and Maltese) 

Bicycles, rollers, scooters, snorkelling equipment, gym equipment.

Jewellery, crafts, mugs, candles, pictures/frames, baskets, ornaments, hand tools, home decorations, cosmetics (not opened, nor expired)

  • Hazardous material
  • Broken furniture
  • Books in bad condition, books that contain outdated knowledge (for example old encyclopaedias, atlases)
  • Soiled, stained, or torn clothes & shoes
  • Used or expired cosmetics

If you are unsure if we would accept an item, no worries. Just give us a call or contact us here and we will let you know. We may ask you to attach a photo. All donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you/Grazzi ħafna.